Mediated Writing

The Arab Spring
For our Mediated Writing assignment in #BEDUC476 I chose to create a page about the Arab Spring uprisings that took place across North Africa and the Middle East in 2011. In my World History classes, our final unit or region will be learning about the Middle East & North Africa (MENA). I created this page with a high school audience in mind. I wanted to present the causes (which I am constantly researching), the countries where Arab Spring revolutions took place and finally what has happened & is happening in each of these countries today.

I really enjoyed this assignment and could have spent several more hours completing my page because the topic interests me so much. The idea of a mediated writing piece is to be able to insert images, website links and have a moving page which is non-linear and flows yet is still easy to read. Normal news articles or websites are read in a linear fashion (from top to bottom). I hope to finish this page and have all of the countries completed by May 2017. I will ask my students to read this piece. Some time before the end of the school year, I plan to assign a mediated writing assignment. You can create a mediated writing piece on Sway (Microsoft) or Spark (Adobe). Both websites are free! Have fun! Let me know in the comments section below if you see anything that I could improve on my Spark page? Also comment below if you assign a mediated writing piece and let me know how it goes?


My First Twitter Chat

My first Twitter Chat was a success! I participated in a Twitter Chat with other educators called #sschat (Social Studies). The topic was “The First 100 Days” and took place on February 21st, President’s Day! Click here to see a recap of the entire conversation.

Although I do not teach Civics, I am a Social Studies teacher and connecting with other Soc. Studies teachers was excellent! I would read a response or answer from a teacher half way across the U.S.A.. After reading their Twitter profile, they usually had a link to their blog. Once I got to their blog, I would decide if their blog had useful information that I was interested in reading later. If the answer was yes, I would follow their blog and usually follow them on Twitter. I must have added or followed a dozen educators. I felt that the Twitter chat really helped with my networking skills that we have been working on in BEDUC 476. During the #sschat I did not just connect with other educators but also discovered wonderful Social Studies infographics, info. for other Twitter chats and educational websites that I had forgotten about (Newsela, PBS, etc.).

SSchat Tweets