Three weeks ago, I tried giving a quiz to my class using a website called Kahoot! We had been studying the beginning of the Cold War. I co-teach two of my World History class periods with another teacher and she said that the students had loved doing a Kahoot the previous quarter!

My colleague and I created a Kahoot! Here’s the quiz. I found myself terribly stressed giving this quiz using Kahoot! There were all these moving parts going on while the students typed in the quiz code into their cell phones or iPads. Many of us had to wait for others in order to start. I set each question at 20 seconds. Sometime 20 seconds was enough and sometimes it was just right. Many of the students really did enjoy taking a quiz in this setting because it is competitive and more of a game. I questioned the entire day why I had agreed to this because it made me stressed. Yes, it is a fun way to use technology but I wondered if they really learned and I could not really evaluate if they knew the answers to the questions.

I saw the Kahoot as a teaching failure. I had expected too much. I think in the future that it is a great way to review knowledge in a fun way. After I gave the Kahoot for a third time and the school day ended, I realized that I should have just relaxed and acknowledged that I had given it a try. I failed in the sense that I had expected it to be a quiz when in fact it is more of a fun, interactive way to review information.



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