My First Twitter Chat

My first Twitter Chat was a success! I participated in a Twitter Chat with other educators called #sschat (Social Studies). The topic was “The First 100 Days” and took place on February 21st, President’s Day! Click here to see a recap of the entire conversation.

Although I do not teach Civics, I am a Social Studies teacher and connecting with other Soc. Studies teachers was excellent! I would read a response or answer from a teacher half way across the U.S.A.. After reading their Twitter profile, they usually had a link to their blog. Once I got to their blog, I would decide if their blog had useful information that I was interested in reading later. If the answer was yes, I would follow their blog and usually follow them on Twitter. I must have added or followed a dozen educators. I felt that the Twitter chat really helped with my networking skills that we have been working on in BEDUC 476. During the #sschat I did not just connect with other educators but also discovered wonderful Social Studies infographics, info. for other Twitter chats and educational websites that I had forgotten about (Newsela, PBS, etc.).

SSchat Tweets



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